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Vacuum press

Vacuum press

No modern machinery park for producing printed circuit boards can do without a vacuum press.   It allows for the making of: – plates with copper in internal layers exceeding 105 micrometres, – orders exceeding 8 layers, – multi-layer boards on non-standard laminates of CTI 600 type.   It allows for the elimination of: – the problem of air bubbles getting trapped in integral layers with closed copper areas of 70 micrometres thick or more, – the necessity of putting vias in boards with 0.2 mm layers.   fot. TS PCB Techno-Service S.A. ...
Construction of multi-layer PCB

Construction of multi-layer PCB's

Core, prepreg & copper foil.   Multi-layer printed circuits, when compared to single or double-layer circuits, exhibit a more complex layer structure. An example stackup is shown in Fig. 1 which presents the layer stack of a typical 4-layer circuit. It is made up of three basic elements: core (1), prepregs (2) and copper foils (3).     Fig. 1. Typical structure of a 4-layer circuit.   Definitions of specific elements are presented below:   Core– double-sided laminate on whose copper layers internal layers of multi-layer circuits are represented. Thickne...
Certificate ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

The Integrated Quality and Environmental Management directly corresponds with the quality of the PCB. Therefore we are glad to gain new ISO certificate for norm 9001:2015 i 14001:2015. ...
Proper preparation of mosaic layer

Proper preparation of mosaic layer

A sporadic mistake in printed circuit boards is when the design exceeds the minimum DRC (Design Rule Check) parameters. These parameters define the technological possibilities of a printed circuit board manufacturer with regard to the minimum track width, the distance between adjacent tracks / pads and the rings surrounding the through-holes.   Most of the software for designing a PCB image is capable of setting and checking the DRC parameters.       Fig. 1 shows a sample configuration window in Eagle software with the minimum DRC parameters which should be met in the PCB image design.   &...